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Our firm is built upon a set of core principles that we believe in. They guide our work, the relationships we have with our clients, and the approach we take to address their problems.

Every work product should be concise and easy to understand

We write our reports and recommendations in a manner that a layperson can understand. We do not use consulting jargons and confusing acronyms. We use, not utilize easy to understand wording to ensure the message comes across correctly. Our reports are only useful if they are read, not thrown on a shelf.

Formatting, editing, and design matters

We don’t spent inordinate resources to “pretty” our work products. However, we believe that for our work products to be reputable and affect change, it must be professional, polished, and presentable. All our employees are trained to do this effectively. We do not outsource formatting, editing, and design. Those closest to the project will directly ensure that every line, word, and graphic are tailored to the exact specification.

Use technology correctly

We love technology, especially when it makes our work more efficient. We are well versed in the latest technology to help us better communicate and complete activities faster. However, most importantly, we do not use technology for the sake of using technology.

Minimize overhead to the extreme

Overhead, in the form of administrators, buildings and offices, IT equipment, cut into our bottom line and affect our billing rate. We strive to take drastic measures to reduce this overhead so that we can be profitable and provide you services at the right price. This ensures that both you and our firm complete the engagement with winning propositions.